Please sit were his first words and everyone obeyed

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Unformatted text preview: dy smiling when Huskey offered his hand. "Good to see you, Patrick," he said warmly as they shook hands, the cuffs rattling. Huskey wanted to reach down and hug him, but with judicial restraint he limited the contact to a soft handshake. "How are you, Karl?" Patrick said, keeping his seat. "I'm fine. And what about you?" "I've had better days, but it is good to see you. Even under these circumstances." "Thanks. I can't imagine-" "Guess I look different, don't I?" "You certainly do. I'm not sure I would recognize you on the street." Patrick only smiled. Like a few others who still professed some level of friendship for Patrick, Huskey felt betrayed, but even more so he felt great relief in knowing that his pal was not dead. He was deeply worried about the capital murder charge. The divorce and the civil suits could be dealt with, but not murder. Because of their friendship, Huskey would not preside over the trial. He planned to handle the preliminary matters, then step aside long before the important rulings were due. There had already been a story about their history. "I assume you will enter a plea of not guilty," he said. "Yes, that's correct." "Then it will be a routine first appearance. I'll deny bail since it's capital murder." "I understand, Karl." "Whole thing won't take ten minutes." "I've been here before. The chair will be different, that's all." In twelve years on the bench, Judge Huskey had often been astonished at the amount of sympathy he could muster for average people who'd committed heinous crimes. He saw the human side of their suffering. He saw guilt eat them alive. He'd sent to prison hundreds of people who, if given the chance, would have left his courtroom and never sinned again. He wanted to help, to reach out, to forgive. But this was Patrick. His Honor was almost moved to tears at the moment. His old friend-bound and dressed in a clown suit, eyes cove...
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