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Unformatted text preview: we hired when we got a tip he was there. I don't even know their names." "Where'd the tip come from?" "Wouldn't you like to know?" "Yes, I would." Jaynes loosened his tie and sat on the edge of his desk, looking down at Stephano, who was looking up without the slightest trace of concern. He could bargain his way out of any trouble the FBI might send him. He had very good lawyers. . "I have a deal for you," Jaynes said. "And this just came down from the Director." "I can't wait." "We're prepared to arrest Benny Aricia tomorrow. We'll make a big deal out of it, leak it to the press and all, tell them how this guy who lost ninety million hired you to track down Lanigan. And when you caught him, you worked him over but still didn't find the money." Stephano listened hard, but revealed nothing. "Then we'll arrest the two CEO's-Atterson at Monarch-Sierra Insurance and Jill at Northern Case Mutual. Those are the other two members of your little consortium, as we understand it. We'll march into their fancy offices with storm troopers, cameras won't be far behind, and we'll haul them out in handcuffs and throw them in black vans. Lots of leaks to the media, you understand. And we'll make sure that it's well reported that these guys helped Aricia fund your little mission into Brazil to drag out Patrick. Think of it, Stephano, your clients will all be arrested and placed in jail." Stephano wanted to ask just exactly how in hell the FBI identified the members of his little Patrick consortium, but then he figured it wasn't too difficult. They isolated the people who'd lost the most. "It'll kill your business, you know," Jaynes said, feigning sympathy. "So what do you want?" "Well, here's the deal. It's quite simple. You tell us everything-how you found him, how much he told you, etc., Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, everything. We have lots of questions-and we'll drop the charges against you and lay off your clients." "It's nothing but harassment then." "Exactly. We wrote the book. Your problem is that we can hu...
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