She found a smaller room at the same hotel and after

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Unformatted text preview: k." Trudy shook her head as if the child were naughty, then she clutched her tightly, and smiled. LANCE WAS BORN and raised on Point Cadet, an old fishing community on a small peninsula jutting into the Bay of Biloxi. The Point was a working neighborhood where the immigrants landed and the shrimpers lived. He grew up in the streets on the Point, and still had many friends there, one of whom was Cap. It was Cap who had been behind the wheel of the van loaded with marijuana when the narcs stopped them. They had awakened Lance, who'd been asleep with his shotgun amid the thick blocks of can-nabis. Cap and Lance had used the same lawyer, received the same sentence, and at nineteen been sent away together. Cap ran a pub and loan-sharked money to cannery workers. Lance met him for a drink in the rear of the pub, something they tried to do at least once a month, though Cap saw less and less of Lance now that Trudy had become wealthy and they had flioved to Mobile. His friend was troubled. Cap had read the papers, had in fact been waiting for Lance to appear with a long face, looking for a sympathetic ear. They caught up on the gossip over beer-who had won how much at the casinos, where the newest crack source was, who was being shadowed by the DEA- the usual idle chitchat of small-time Coast crooks still dreaming of riches. Cap despised Trudy, and in the past he had often laughed at Lance for trailing behind her wherever she might go. "So how's the whore?" he asked. "She's fine. Worried, you know, since they've caught him." "She oughta be worried. How much life insurance did she collect?" "Coupla mill." "Paper said two point five. Way that bitch spends it, though, I'm sure there ain't much left." "It's safe." "Safe my ass. Paper said she's already been sued by the life insurance company." "We got lawyers too." "Yeah, but you ain't here 'cause you got lawyers, Lance, are you? You're here 'cause you...
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