Sandy collected their business cards and escorted

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Unformatted text preview: t more time working on my file than he has working for his constituents. VITRANO: Don't yell, okay, Benny. ARICIA: I want to know how much the slimy little crook's getting. I have a right to know how much you're shoveling under the table, because it's my money. VITRANO: It's all under the table, Benny. ARICIA: How much? BOGAN: He'll be taken care of, Benny, okay. Why are you so hung up on this? This is nothing new. VITRANO: I think you picked this firm specifically because of our connections in Washington. ARICIA: Five million, ten million? How expensive is he? BOGAN: You'll never know. ARICIA: The hell I won't. I'll call the sonofabitch up and ask him myself. BOGAN: Go ahead. VITRANO: What's with you, Benny? You're about to get sixty million bucks, and now you're getting greedy. ARICIA: Don't preach to me, especially about greed. When I came here you guys were working for two hundred bucks an hour. Now look at you, trying to justify a fee of thirty million bucks. Already redoing your offices. Already ordering new cars. Next it'll be boats and airplanes and all the other toys of the seriously rich. And all with my money. BOGAN: Your money? Aren't we missing something here, Benny? Help me out. Your claim was as bogus as a three-dollar bill. ARICIA: Yeah, but I made it happen. I, not you, set the trap for Platt & Rockland. BOGAN: Then why did you hire us? ARICIA: A helluva question. VITRANO: You got a bad memory, Benny. You came here because of our clout. You needed help. We put the claim together, spent four thousand hours working on it, and we pulled the right strings in Washington. All with your full knowledge, I might add. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, ARICIA: Let's cut the Senator out. That should save us ten million. Shave another ten million, and that leaves you boys with ten million for yourselves. That's a much fairer fee, in my opinion. VITRANO: (Laughing) That's a great deal, Benny. You get eighty, we get ten. ARICIA: Yeah, and we screw the...
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