She coolly walked away down the aisle with the

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Unformatted text preview: urder, and Huskey had chatted with many killers during his twelve years as a judge. Patrick, however, just happened to be his first friend to face death row. "Why are you leaving the bench?" Patrick asked. "The usual reasons. I'm bored with it, and if I don't quit now I'll never be able to. Kids are getting closer to college, and I need to make more money." Huskey paused for a second, then asked, "Just curious, how did you know I was leaving the bench? It's not something I've broadcast." "Word gets around." "To Brazil?" "I had a spy, Karl." "Someone here?" "No. Of course not. I couldn't run the risk of contacting anyone here." "So it was someone down there?" "Ifes, an attorney I met." "And you told him everything?" "Her. And yes, I told her everything." Huskey tapped his fingers together and said, "I guess that makes sense." "I highly recommend it, next time you're down there disappearing." "I'll remember that. This attorney, where is she now?" "Close by, I think." "Now I see. She must be the one who has the money." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Patrick smiled, then chuckled. The ice was broken, finally. "What do you want to know about the money, Karl?" "Everything. How'd you steal it? Where is it? How much is left?" "What's the best courthouse rumor you've heard about the money?" "Oh, there are hundreds. My favorite is that you've doubled the money and buried it in vaults in Switzerland, that you were just passing time in Brazil and in a few more years you would leave and go play with your cash." "Not bad." "Remember Bobby Doak, that little pimple-faced weasel who does divorces for ninety-nine bucks and resents any lawyer who charges more?" "Sure, advertises in church bulletins." "That's him. He was drinking co...
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