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Unformatted text preview: et in other places." There was nothing Sandy could say to this. He wanted to help, to offer protection, to question her about where she would go and how she would hide, but Leah seemed to have things very much under control. She glanced at her watch. "There's a flight to Miami in three hours. I have two first-class tickets. We can talk on the plane." "Uh, where might I be going?" "You'll fly on to San Juan, to see Patrick. I've made arrangements." "And you?" "I'll go another direction." SANDY ORDERED more coffee and muffins while they waited for the wiring instructions to be finalized. His secretary canceled his appointments and court appearances for the next three days. His wife brought an overnight bag to the office. A paralegal drove them to the airport, and at some point along the way Sandy noticed she had no luggage, nothing but a small brown leather satchel, well used and quite handsome. "Where are you staying?" he asked as they sipped a cola in an airport deli. "Here and there," she said, looking out the window. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "How do I contact you?" he asked. "We'll work that out later." They sat next to each other in the third row in first class, and for twenty minutes after takeoff she said nothing as she skimmed a fashion magazine and he tried to read a thick deposition. Sandy didn't want to read the deposition-it could wait. He wanted to talk, to fire away the endless questions, the same questions everyone else wanted to ask. But there was a wall between them, a rather thick one that went far beyond gender and familiarity. She had the answers, but she was perfectly willing to keep them to herself. He tried his best to match her coolness. Salted peanuts and pretzels were distributed. They declined the complimentary champagne. Bottled water was poured. "So how long have you known Patrick?" he asked c...
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