She was on the verge of a nervous breakdown they were

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Unformatted text preview: peration is known simply as Accumulation. Jaynes called the supervisor on duty in Accumulation, and within minutes had the full story. He left the country club and drove back to his office, on the third floor of the Hoover Building. He called the Attorney General, who, not surprisingly, had been trying to reach him. A vicious ass-chewing ensued, with Jaynes on the receiving end and being allowed to say little. He did manage to reassure the Attorney General that the FBI had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged abuse of Patrick Lanigan. "Alleged?" asked the Attorney General. "I've seen the burns, haven't I! Hell, the whole world has seen the burns." "We didn't do it, sir," Jaynes said calmly, armed with the knowledge that this time he was repeating the truth. "Then who did?" the Attorney General snapped back. "Do you know who did?" "Yes sir." "Good. I want a three-page report on my desk at nine in the morning." "It will be there." The phone was hung up loudly on the other end, and Jaynes cursed and gave his desk a hard kick. Then he made another call, the effect of which was that two agents emerged from die darkness and stood before the front door of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stephano. Jack had watched the reports throughout the night, and was not surprised to get a reaction from the feds. As the story unfolded, he sat on the patio chatting with his lawyer on a cell phone. It was actually funny, he'd decided; the FBI getting blamed for acts committed by his men. And it was a brilliant move by Patrick Lanigan and his lawyer. "Good evening," he said politely as he stood in the door. "Lemme guess. %u're selling doughnuts." "FBI, sir," one said, fumbling for his pocket. "Save it, kid. I recognize you boys by now. Last time I saw you, you were parked down at the corner reading a tabloid and trying to duck behind your steering wheel. Did you honestly think you'd be doing such exciting work when you were in college?" "Mr. Jaynes...
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