She would not be leaving anytime soon their clients

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Unformatted text preview: hey in fact released him, the young men would flee and prosecution would be impossible. His second day passed slowly. Eva was too wise to rush into their trap. One day soon this would make sense. He could wait as long as they could. HIS HONOR brought the pizza with him on the second night. He had enjoyed the first so much, he had called Patrick during the afternoon to see if they could do it again. Patrick was anxious for company. Huskey reached into a small briefcase and withdrew a stack of envelopes which he tossed on Lawyer Lani-gan's worktable. "A lot of people want to say hello, mostly the courthouse gang. I told them they could write." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "I didn't realize I had so many friends." "You don't. These are bored office workers with plenty of time to write letters. It's as close as they can get to the action." "Gee thanks." Huskey pulled a chair close to Patrick's bed and propped his feet on a drawer opened from the night table. Patrick had eaten almost two pieces of pizza and was now finished. "I'll have to recuse myself soon," Huskey said, almost apologetically. "I know." "I talked with Trussel this morning at length. I know you're not crazy about him, but he is a good judge. He's willing to take the case." "I prefer Judge Lanks." "Yes, but unfortunately, you don't get your choice. Lanks is having trouble with his blood pressure, and we've tried to keep the big cases away from him. As you know, Trussel has more experience than Lanks and myself combined, especially in death penalty cases." Patrick managed a slight flinch, a sudden squinting around the eyes, and a momentary sag of the bony shoulders when his friend finished the last sentence. A death penalty case. It seized him, as often happened when he dragged himself to the mirror for a long look. Huskey caught every tiny movement. As they say, anybody is capable of m...
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