So did i thought stephano stunned by this but

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Unformatted text preview: who insisted Mr. Stephano was too busy at the moment. They found him at his desk, alone, chatting happily on the phone. His smile vanished when they barged in with badges flashing. "What the hell is this!" Stephano demanded. The wall behind his desk was a richly detailed map of the world, complete with little red blinking lights stuck on green continents. Which one was Patrick? "Who hired you to find Patrick Lanigan?" asked Agent One. "That's confidential," Stephano sneered. He'd been a cop for years and was not easy to intimidate. "We got a call from Brazil this afternoon," said Agent Two. So did I, thought Stephano, stunned by this but desperately trying to appear unfazed. His jaw dropped an inch and his shoulders sagged as his mind raced wildly through all the possible theories that would bring these two thugs here. He'd talked to Guy and no one else. Guy was utterly dependable. Guy would never talk to anyone, especially the FBI. It couldn't be Guy. Guy used a cell phone from the mountains of eastern Paraguay. There was no way the call could have been intercepted. "Are you there?" asked Two smartly. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Yeah," he said, hearing but not hearing. "Where's Patrick?" asked One. "Maybe he's in Brazil." "Where in Brazil?" Stephano managed a shrug, a stiff one. "I dunno. It's a big country." "We have an outstanding warrant for him," One said. "He belongs to us." Stephano shrugged again, this time a more casual one as if to say, "Big deal." "We want him," demanded Two. "And now." , "I can't help you." "You're lying," snarled One, and with that both of them joined together in front of Stephano's desk and glared down. Agent Two did the talking. "We have men downstairs, outside, around the corner, and outside your home in Falls C...
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