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Unformatted text preview: eared on the screen, informed them in hushed tones that he was standing outside the door of the Biloxi office of Senator Harris Nye, first cousin to Charles Bogan, in case anybody had missed the connection. The Senator was off in Kuala Lumpur on a trade mission to bring more minimum-wage jobs back to Mississippi, and thus unavailable for comment. None of the eight people in the office knew anything about anything; thus they had nothing to say. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, The story ran uninterrupted for ten minutes. "Why are you smiling?" Karl asked. "It's a wonderful day. I just hope they have the guts to nail the Senator." "I hear the feds have dropped everything against you." "That's correct. I testified before the grand jury yesterday. It was great fun, Karl, finally unloading all this baggage I've been keeping secret for years." Patrick had stopped eating during the news story, and was suddenly bored with food. According to Karl's observations, he had eaten two crab claws and hardly touched the gumbo. "Eat. You look like a skeleton." Patrick took a saltine and walked to the window. "So let me get this straight," Karl said. "The divorce is settled. The feds have dropped all charges and you've agreed to pay back the ninety million, plus a little interest." "Total of a hundred and thirteen." "The capital murder is about to collapse because there wasn't a murder. The state can't charge you with theft because the feds have already done so. The lawsuits filed by the insurance companies have been dismissed. Pepper is still alive, out there somewhere. Clovis took his place. That leaves one lousy little charge of grave tampering." "Close. It's called mutilating a corpse, should you care to check the criminal code. You should know this stuff by now." "Right. A felony, I believe." "A light felony." Karl stirred his gumbo and admired his skinny friend gazing...
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