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Unformatted text preview: n named Jack Stephano?" Cutter asked. They both nodded with some reluctance. "Are you part of his little consortium?" They both shook their heads in the negative. "You're lucky. Stephano found him, tortured him, damned near killed him, then gave him to us." "I like the part about the torture," Vitrano said. "Tell us about that." "Skip it. We picked him up last night in Paraguay, flew him to Puerto Rico. He's in the hospital there. He'll be released and sent here in a few days." "What about the money?" Bogan managed to ask, his voice scratchy and dry. "No sign of it. But then, we don't know what Stephano knows." Vitrano stared at the table, his eyes dancing. Patrick had stolen ninety million dollars when he disappeared four years earlier. It would be impossible to spend all of it. He could have bought mansions and helicopters and lots of women and still have tens of millions left. Surely they could find it. The firm's fee was a third. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html Maybe, just maybe. Bogan worked on his moist eyes and thought of his ex-wife, a congenial woman who'd turned vicious when the sky fell. She had felt disgraced after the bankruptcy, and so she took their youngest child and moved to Pensacola where she filed for divorce and made ugly accusations. Bogan was drinking and using coke. She knew it and beat him over the head with it. He couldn't offer much resistance. He eventually cleaned himself up, but was still denied access to the child. Oddly enough, he still loved his ex-wife; still dreamed of getting her back. Maybe the money would get her attention. Maybe there was hope. Surely they could find it. Cutter broke the silence. "Stephano's in all sorts of trouble. There were burns all over Patrick's body where they tortured him." "Good," Vitrano said with a smile. "You expect sympathy from us?" Bogan asked. "Anyway, Stephano is a side issue....
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