Thats how we found the doctor in rio this was over

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Unformatted text preview: l?" "Morbid fascination." "Is that all?" "I promise. It was such a masterful job of deceit, Patrick. How'd you do it?" "I may have to skip a few of the details." "I'm sure you will." "Let's take a walk. I'm tired of this place." They entered the hall, and Patrick explained to his guards that he and the Judge needed a stroll. The deputies followed at a distance. A nurse smiled and asked if she could bring anything. Two Diet Cokes, Patrick said politely. Patrick walked very deliberately, saying nothing until they came to the end of the hallway, where plate-glass windows overlooked the parking lot. They sat on a vinyl bench, looking back down the hall, where the deputies waited fifty feet away with their backs turned to them. Patrick wore scrub pants, no socks, leather sandals. "Have you seen pictures of the crash site?" he asked, very quietly. "Yes." "I found it the day before. The ravine is fairly steep, and I thought it was the perfect place to have the accident. I waited until about ten, Sunday night, and left the cabin. I stopped at a little store at the county line." "Verhall's." "Right, Verhall's. I filled the tank." "Twelve gallons, fourteen dollars and twenty-one cents, paid with a credit card." "That sounds right. I chatted with Mrs. Verhall, then left. There wasn't much traffic. Two miles away, I turned pnto a gravel road and went a mile to a spot I had picked out. I stopped, opened the trunk, and proceeded to get dressed. I had a set of gear used by dirt bikers-a helmet, shoulder pads, knee and hand pads, the works. I quickly put it on over my clothing, everything but the helmet, then returned to the highway, where I drove south. The first time, there was a car behind me. The second time, there was a car coming toward me in the distance. I braked hard anyway, leaving skid marks. There was no traffic the third time. I put the helmet on, took a d...
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