Thats the way these things happen sweeney showed

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Unformatted text preview: lowered the ax. "Adultery!" she gasped, with all the self-righteousness of a Puritan virgin. Even Lance pulled off a look of shock. He reached across and took her hand. "I know, I know," J. Murray said, playing along. "Happens in almost every divorce. These things do get nasty." "I'll kill him," Lance grunted. "We'll get to that later," J. Murray said. "With whom?" she demanded. "With Lance here. They claim the two of you were getting it on before, during, and after the marriage. In fact, they claim it goes all the way back to high school." Ninth grade, actually. "He's an idiot," Lance said without conviction. Trudy nodded and agreed with Lance. Preposterous. Then she asked nervously, "What proof does he claim to have?" "Do you deny it?" J. Murray asked, completing the setup. "Absolutely," she snapped. "Of course," added Lance. "The man is a living lie." J. Murray reached into a deep drawer and withdrew one of the reports Sandy had given him. "Seems Patrick was suspicious throughout most of the marriage. He hired investigators to snoop around. This is a report from one of them." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Trudy and Lance looked at each other for a second, then realized they had been caught. Suddenly, it was difficult to deny a relationship that was now more than twenty years old. They both became smug at the same instant. So what? Big deal. "I'll just summarize it," J. Murray said, then clicked off dates, times, and places. They weren't ashamed of their activities, but it was discomforting to know that things were so well documented. "Still deny it?" J. Murray asked when he finished. "Anybody can write that stuff," Lance said. Trudy was silent. J. Murray pulled out another report, this one covering the seven months prior to Patrick's disappearance. Dates, times, places. Patrick lef...
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