The blazer was on its right side with its top facing

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Unformatted text preview: s? I got ninety million out there, Jack. Minus a third for those bloodsucking lawyers. Of course I'm serious." "It could be tricky. The lawyer's not stupid, you know. And his client's a cautious fellow." "Come on, Jack. You're supposed to be the best. You're certainly the most expensive." "We'll do a preliminary-trail him for a couple of days, see his layout. There's no rush. His client isn't moving for a while. Right now I'm more concerned with getting the feds outta my hair. I need to do a few trivial things like reopen my office and get the bugs outta my phones." Aricia waved him off. "How much will it cost me?" "I don't know. We'll talk about it later. Finish your lunch. The lawyers are waiting." Stephano left first, on foot, and waved politely to the two agents parked illegally on I Street, down from the hotel. He walked briskly to his lawyer's office, seven blocks away. Benny waited ten minutes and caught a cab. They spent the afternoon in a conference room crowded with lawyers and paralegals. The agreements were faxed back and forth between the lawyers-Ste-phano's and the FBI's. Eventually both sides got what they wanted. The criminal charges aigainst Stephano were dropped and would not be pursued against his clients. The FBI received his written promise to divulge everything he knew about the search and capture of Patrick Lanigan. Stephano truly planned to tell most of what he knew. The search was over; thus there was no longer anything to hide. The interrogation had produced little, just the name of a Brazilian lawyer who had the money. Now she had vanished, and he seriously doubted the FBI had the time and desire to pursue her. Why should they? The money didn't belong to them. And though he worked hard not to show it, he desperately wanted the FBI out of his life. Mrs. Stephano was severely rattled, and the pressure at home was enormous. If he didn't reopen his office quickly, he'd be out of business. So,...
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