The fbi and the partners were certain it was patrick

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Unformatted text preview: table to where he belonged. Behind him were agents Joshua Cutter, Brent Myers, and two other FBI types Parrish couldn't even name. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, The stage was set for a spectacular trial, yet it was at least six months away. A bailiff called them to order, made them stand while Judge Huskey entered and assumed his perch on the bench. "Please sit," were his first words, and everyone obeyed. "The matter of State versus Patrick S. Lanigan, case number 96-1140. Is the defendant present?" "Yes, Your Honor," Sandy said, half-standing. "Would you please rise, Mr. Lanigan?" Huskey asked. Patrick, still handcuffed, slowly pushed his chair back and got to his feet. He was semi-bent at the waist, with his chin and shoulders down. And it was no act. The depressant had deadened most parts of his body, including his brain. He stiffened a bit. "Mr. Lanigan, I'm holding a copy of an indictment returned against you by the grand jury of Harrison County, in which it is alleged you murdered one John Doe, a human being, and for this you have been charged with capital murder. Have you read this indictment?" "Yes sir," he announced, chin up, voice as strong as he could make it. "Have you discussed it with your attorney?" "Yes sir." "How do you wish to plead?" "Not guilty." "Your plea of not guilty is accepted. You may sit down." Huskey shuffled some papers, then continued: "The Court, on its own motion, hereby imposes a gag order on the defendant, the attorneys, the police and investigating authorities, any and all witnesses, and all court personnel, effective now and lasting until the trial is over. I have copies of this order for everyone to read. Any violation of it will result in contempt of court, and I will deal harshly with any violators. Not one word to any reporter or journalist without my approval. Any questions from the...
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