The call went unanswered because the security

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Unformatted text preview: eleven blocks away, in downtown Ponta Pora. The call went unanswered because the security consultant on duty was swaying gently in a hammock out back. A recorded message from Danilo's house informed whoever was supposed to be listening that there was a break-in. Fifteen minutes passed before human ears heard the message. By the time the consultant raced to Danilo's house, the intruder was gone. So was Mr. Silva. Everything appeared to be in order, including the Beetle under the carport. The house and gate were locked. The directions in the file were specific. On such alarms, do not call the police. Try first to locate Mr. Silva, and in the event he cannot be found at once, then call a number in Rio. Ask for Eva Miranda. WITH BARELY suppressed excitement, Guy made his daily call to Washington. He actually closed his eyes and smiled when he uttered the words, "It's him." His voice was an octave higher. There was a pause on the other end. Then, "You're certain?" "Yes. Prints are a perfect match." Another pause while Stephano arranged his thoughts, a process that usually took milliseconds. "The money?" "We haven't started yet. He's still drugged." "When?" "Tonight." "I'm by the phone." Stephano hung up, though he could've talked for hours. Guy found a perch on a stump behind the cabin. The vegetation was dense, the air thin and cool. The soft voices of happy men drifted up to him. The ordeal was over, for the most part. He had just earned an extra fifty thousand dollars. Finding the money would mean another bonus, and he was certain he'd find the money. Two DOWNTOWN RIO. In a small neat office on the tenth floor of a high-rise, Eva Miranda squeezed the phone with both hands and slowly repeated the words she had just heard. The silent alarm had summoned the security guard. Mr. Silva wasn't at home, but his car was parked in the drive and the house was locked. Someone had entered, tripped the alarm, and it couldn't be a false one because it...
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