The crowd grew and gave further credence to the

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Unformatted text preview: BC Amber LIT Converter, "Perfectly logical." "And when Clovis died, it was time for me to leave. A lot of it was luck. So many things could've gone wrong." "Your luck continues." "So far." Karl looked at-his watch, and took another crab claw. "How much of this do I tell Judge Trussel?" "Everything but Clovis' name. We'll save that for later." Forty PATRICK SAT at the end of the table. His space was clear, unlike his attorney to the right, who had two files and a short stack of legal pads arranged like weapons poised for battle. To his left sat T.L. Parrish, with only one legal pad but also armed with a bulky tape recorder, which Patrick had allowed him to set up. No associates or flunkies to complicate things, but since all good lawyers need verifiers, they agreed to the taping. Now that the federal charges had disintegrated, the pressure was on the state to extract justice from Patrick. Parrish felt it. The feds had dumped this defendant on him so they could chase a Senator; off to bigger things. But this defendant had new twists to add to the story, and Parrish was at his mercy. "You can forget capital murder, Terry," Patrick said. Though nearly everyone called him Terry, it grated a bit coming from a defendant he'd barely known years before in a prior life. "I didn't kill anyone." "Who burned in the car?" "A person who had been dead for four days." "Anybody we know?" "No. It was an old person nobody knew." "How did this old person die?" "Old age." "Where did this old person die of old age?" "Here, in Mississippi." Parrish drew lines and made squares on his pad. The door had opened when the feds collapsed. Patrick was walking through it; no shackles, no handcuffs, nothing, it seemed, could stop him. "So you burned a corpse?" "That's correct." "Don't we have a statute on that?&qu...
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