The first was to gather dirt on the other partners

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Unformatted text preview: was in a hurry. No luggage, not one bag. Just trying to sneak back to Brazil, leaving you behind." "Shut up," Patrick said. "You can leave now," Sandy said. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Just thought you'd want to know," Cutter said with a smile, and left. Patrick sat down and gently massaged his temples. His head had been aching before Cutter arrived, now it was splitting. He and Eva had gone over and over the three scenarios Which she would face if they caught him. First, and the one according to plan, was that she would remain in the shadows, assisting Sandy and moving at will. Second, she might be caught by Stephano and Aricia, was by far the most frightening possibility. Third, the FBI could catch her, which was not nearly as terrifying as the second, but did pose enormous problems. At least she was safe. They had not discussed this fourth scenario, her return to Brazil without him. He would not believe it was abandonment. Sandy quietly gathered files and cleaned up the table. "What time did you leave her?" Patrick asked. "About eight. She was fine, Patrick. I told you that." "No mention of Miami or Brazil?" "No. None whatsoever. I left with the impression she would be at the beach house for a while. She told me she leased it for a month." "Then she got scared. Why else would she run?" "I don't know." "Find a lawyer in Miami, Sandy. And quickly." "I know a couple." "She must be scared to death." Thirty IT WAS AFTER SIX, so Havarac was probably in a casino at the blackjack table, sipping free whiskey and looking for women. Rumors about his gambling debts were abundant. No doubt Rapley was locked away in his attic, a place the rest of the world preferred him to be. The secretaries and paralegals were gone. Doug Vitrano locked the front door of the building and walked to the rear office, the largest and nicest one,...
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