The first words they heard her say were benny its me

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Unformatted text preview: emed to be a pretty sharp lawyer, so the onset of drippy feelings about her beloved old gramps probably wouldn't work. This was confusing. Let him do the talking. "I'm listening," she said. "It's a felony to mutilate a corpse." "It should be." "It's also actionable at civil law. That means the family of Clovis Goodman can sue my client for destroying the corpse." Ah, yes. Her back stiffened as she took a deep breath, then smiled, then said, "Now I see." Sandy smiled too. "Yes. That's why I'm here. My client would like to offer a very quiet settlement with Clovis' family." "What does family mean?" "Surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren." "I guess I'm the family." "What about your brother?" "Nope. Luther died two years ago. Drugs and al-kyhall." "Then you're the only person with a right to sue." "How much?" she blurted out, unable to hold it, then was embarrassed by it. Sandy leaned a bit closer. "We're prepared to offer twenty-five thousand dollars. Right now. The check's in my pocket." She was leaning down too, getting lower and closer to his face, when the money hit and stopped her cold. Her eyes watered and her bottom lip quivered. "Oh my God," she said. Sandy glanced around. "That's right, twenty-five thousand bucks." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, She ripped a paper napkin from the holder and in doing so knocked over the salt shaker. She dabbed her eyes, then blew her nose. Sandy was still glancing around, hoping to avoid a spectacle. "All mine?" she managed to say. Her voice was hoarse and low, her breathing rapid. "All yours, yes." She wiped her eyes again, then said, "I need a Coke." SHE DRANK a 44-ounce Big Gulp without a word. Sandy sipped his bad coffee and watched the foot traffic come and go. He was in no hurry. "The w...
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