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Unformatted text preview: s passport had proven quite reliable in the past two weeks. But the customs agent had seen the alert an hour earlier during a coffee break. He pushed an alarm button on his scanner while he slowly examined every word of the passport. The hesitation at first was annoying, then Leah realized something was wrong. The travelers at the other booths were breezing through, barely slowing long enough to open their passports and having the approvals nodded back at them. A supervisor in a navy jacket appeared from nowhere and huddled with the agent. "Could you step in here, Ms. Pires?" he asked politely but with no room for discussion. He was pointing at a row of doors down the wide corridor. "Is there a problem?" she insisted. "Not really. Just a few questions." He was waiting for her. A uniformed guard with Mace and a gun on his waist was waiting too. The supervisor was holding her passport. Dozens of passengers behind her were watching. "Questions about what?" she demanded as she walked with the supervisor and the guard to the second door. "Just a few questions," he repeated, opening the door and escorting her into a square room with no windows. A holding room. She noticed the name of Rivera on his lapel. He didn't look to be Hispanic. "Give me the passport," she demanded as soon as they were alone and the door was closed. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "Not so fast, Ms. Pires. I need to ask you a few questions." "And I don't have to answer them." "Please, relax. Have a seat. Can I get you some coffee or water?" "No." "Is this a valid address in Rio?" "It certainly is." "Where did you arrive from?" "Pensacola." "Your flight?" "Airlink 855." "And your destination?" "Sao Paulo." "Where in Sao Paulo?" "Maybe that's a private matter." "Business or pleasure?" &...
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