The scheme was tied together nicely and it turned out

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Unformatted text preview: and placed it before him. "Did you see Trudy on TV last night?" she asked. "Yes. Pathetic, wasn't it?" "She's very pretty," Leah said. "Yes, she is. I'm afraid Patrick made the mistake of marrying her for her looks." "He wouldn't be the first." "No, he wouldn't." "Patrick despises her. She is a bad person, and she was unfaithful to him throughout their marriage." "Unfaithful?" "Yes. It's all in the file there. The last year they were together, Patrick hired an investigator to watch her. Her lover was a man named Lance Maxa, and they were seeing each other all the time. There are even some photographs of Lance coming and going from Patrick's house when he was away. There are pictures of Lance and Trudy sunbathing by Patrick's pool, naked of course." Sandy took the file and flipped quickly until he found the photographs. Naked as newborns. He smiled wickedly. "This will add something to the divorce." "Patrick wants the divorce, you understand. He will not contest it. But she needs to be silenced. She's having a nice time saying all those bad things about Patrick." "This should shut her up. What about the child?" Leah took her seat and looked him squarely in the eyes. "Patrick loves Ashley Nicole, but there is one problem. He is not the father." He shrugged as if he heard this every day. "Who is?" "Patrick doesn't know. Probably Lance. It seems as if Lance and Trudy have been together for some time. It goes back to high school even." "How does he know he's not the father?" "When the child was fourteen months old, Patrick obtained a small blood sample by pricking her finger. He sent it, along with a sample of his, to a lab where DNA tests were run. His suspicions were correct. He is definitely not the father of the child. The report is in the file." Sandy had to walk around a bit to sort things out. He stood in the window...
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