The terms of the plea agreement were hammered out the

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Unformatted text preview: ay I figure it," she finally said, clear-eyed now, "is that if you walk in here and offer twenty-five thousand right off the bat, then you're probably willing to pay more." "I'm in no position to negotiate." "If I sue, it might look bad for your client, you know what I mean? The jury will look at me, and think about poor old Clovis getting burned up so your client could steal ninety million dollars." Sandy sipped and nodded. He had to admire her. "If I got me a lawyer, I could probably get a lot more money." "Maybe, but it might take five years. Plus, you have other problems." "Such as?" she asked. "You were not close to Clovis." "Maybe I was." "Then why didn't you go to his funeral? That might be hard to sell to a jury. Look, Deena, I'm here ready to settle. If you don't want to, then I'll get in my car and go back to New Orleans." "What's your top dollar?" "Fifty thousand." "It's a deal." She stuck forth her beefy right hand, still moist from the Big Gulp, and squeezed his. Sandy pulled a blank check from his pocket and filled it in. He also produced two documents; one was a short settlement agreement, the other was a letter from Deena to the prosecutor. The paperwork took less than ten minutes. FINALLY, there was movement on the canal in Boca. The Swedish lady was seen hurriedly shoving luggage into the trunk of Benny's BMW. She sped away. They tracked her to Miami International, where she waited two hours before boarding a plane to Frankfurt. They would be waiting in Frankfurt. They would patiently watch her until she made a mistake. Then they would find Mr. Aricia. Thirty-nine THE PRESIDING JUDGE'S last official act in the matter was an impromptu hearing of an undetermined variety, in his office, and without the accused's attorney present. Nor the prosecutor. The file would indicate no record of the meeting. Patrick was rushed through the rear of the courthouse by three escorts, u...
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