Then in august of 92 he got a call from a lawyer in

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Unformatted text preview: of reading." "Okay, it's a report by the private detective who followed your client and her boyfriend for a year prior to my client's disappearance. They were together, alone, at various places but primarily at my client's home, indoors, and we presume in bed, on at least sixteen occasions." "Big deal." "Check these out," Sandy said, and flung two eight-by-ten color photos, two of the nude ones, on top of the report. J. Murray glanced, then grabbed them for a more in-depth study. Sandy decided to be helpful. "Those were taken by the pool at my client's home while he was attending a seminar in Dallas. Recognize anyone?" J. Murray managed a slight grunt. "There are many more," Sandy promised, then waited for J. Murray to stop his gawking. "And I also have three other reports from private detectives. Seems my client was quite suspicious." Before Sandy's eyes, J. Murray was transformed from a hard-nosed advocate to a soulful mediator, a chameleon-like conversion common among lawyers who suddenly found themselves stripped of ammunition. He exhaled heavily, defeated, and sat low in his leather swivel, "They never tell us everything, do they," he said. It was suddenly us versus them. Lawyers versus their clients. He and Sandy were really together now, and what were they to do? Sandy, though, was not ready for the tag team. "Again, I'm not the First Amendment hawk you claim to be, but if these found their way into the tabloids, then it sure would be embarrassing for Trudy." J. Murray waved him off and glanced at his watch. "Sure you don't want a drink?" "I'm sure." "What's your boy got?" "I honestly don't know, yet. And that's not the important question. What matters is what he will have left when the dust settles, and right now no one knows." "Surely he's got most of the ninety million." "He's being sued for much more than that. Not to mention t...
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