Theres also a phone number in london if something

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Unformatted text preview: guess it's okay if I call you Patrick and not Danilo." "Sure." "I think it's time for me to step down and give the case to Judge Trussel. Some motions will soon be due, and rulings will have to be issued. I've done all I can do to help you." "Are you taking some heat?" "A little, but nothing that worries me. I don't want to hurt you, and I'm afraid if I keep your case much longer, people might resent it. Everybody knows we're friends. Hell, you even picked me as one of your pallbearers." "Did I ever thank you for serving?" "No. You were dead at the time, so don't mention it. It was fun." "Yeah, I know." "Anyway, I've talked to Trussel, and he's ready to take the case. I've also told him about your heinous injuries, and how important it is for you to stay here for as long as possible. He understands." "Thanks." "But you have to be realistic. At some point, you're gonna be put in jail. And you might be there for a long time." "Do you think I killed that boy, Karl?" Karl dropped the remains of his sandwich into a bag and drank his iced tea. He was not inclined to lie about this. "It looks suspicious. First, there were human remains in the car, so somebody was killed. Second, the FBI has done an exhaustive computer analysis of all persons who became missing on or shortly before February 9, 1992. Pepper is the only person within three hundred miles who has not been heard from." "But that's not enough to convict me." "Your question was not about getting a conviction." "Fine. Do you think I killed him?" "I don't know what to think, Patrick. I've been a judge for twelve years, and I've seen people stand before me and confess to crimes that they still couldn't believe they committed. Under the right circumstances, a man can do just about anything." "So you believe it?" "I don't want to. I'm not sure what I believe." "You think I could kill someone?" "No. But I didn't think you could f...
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