They contacted his client mr benny aricia with the

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Unformatted text preview: fternoon at three. I went to Orange Beach and rented a sailboat. Then drove to Biloxi in time for my service." "The papers have said you watched your own burial." "True. I hid in a tree in the woods beyond the cemetery, and watched through binoculars." "That seems like an incredibly dumb thing to do." "It was. Absolutely idiotic. But I was drawn to the place. I had to make certain, to see for myself that my trick had worked. And I guess by then, I was convinced I could get by with anything." "I guess you had picked out the tree, the perfect spot." "No. In fact, I wasn't sure I would do it. I left Mobile and drove west on the interstate, and I kept telling myself not to do it. Not to get near Biloxi." "Your big ass climbed a tree?" "I was motivated. It was an oak with thick branches." "Thank God for that. I wish a limb had cracked and you'd fallen on your head." "No you don't." "Yes I do. We're huddled around the grave fighting back tears and consoling the widow, and you're perched on a limb like a fat frog laughing at us." "You're just trying to be angry, Karl." And he was right. Four and a half years had eliminated any anger Karl had felt. The truth was, he was delighted to be sitting there on the end of the hospital bed, eating pizza with Patrick and soaking up the coveted details. However, the funeral was as far as they would get. Patrick had talked enough, and they were now back in his room, a place he didn't completely trust. "Tell me, how are Bogan and Vitrano and the boys?" he said, and relaxed on his pillows, already relishing what he was about to hear. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Twenty-five PAULO MIRANDA'S last phone call from his daughter had been two days earlier. She was in a hotel in New Orleans, still traveling on her legal work for her mysterious new client, still warni...
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