They would get rich in the process and they would

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Unformatted text preview: ttoman. She didn't move, didn't flinch in the smallest way, but thought about it for a second before saying, "Don't be stupid." This she offered with little conviction. "There is no alternative, you know that." "We're in enough trouble." She only breathed, her wrist still stuck to her forehead, eyes closed, perfectly still, and actually quite happy that Lance had broached the subject. She, of course, had thought about this within minutes of being told that Patrick was headed home. She had walked through various scenarios, each leading to the same inescapable conclusion: to keep the money, Patrick must be dead. It was, after all, an insurance policy on his life. She couldn't kill him; that was a ridiculous notion. Lance, on the other hand, had lots of shadowy friends in dark places. "You wanna keep the money, don't you?" he asked. "I can't think about it now, Lance. Maybe later." Perhaps real soon. She couldn't seem eager or Lance would get too excited. As usual, she would manipulate him, string him along into some devilish plot until it was too late for him to back out. "We can't wait too long, baby. Hell, the life insurance company's already got us choked." "Please, Lance." "There ain't no way around it. You wanna keep this house, the money, everything we've got, then he's gotta die." She didn't speak or move for a long time, but his words delighted her soul. In spite of half a brain and many other flaws, Lance was the only man she'd ever loved. He was nasty enough to take care of Patrick, but was he smart enough not to get caught? THE AGENT'S NAME was Brent Myers, from the office in Biloxi, sent by Cutter to make contact with their prize. He introduced himself and flashed a badge at Patrick, who hardly acknowledged it while reaching for the remote. "A pleasure," he said as he pulled the sheets over his boxer shorts. "I'm from the office in Biloxi," Myers said, genuinel...
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