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Unformatted text preview: the child, money out of the mother's reach." "How much?" "A quarter of a million. Plus the same amount to cover his legal fees. Total of a half a million, paid very quietly so your client won't be embarrassed by those pictures." The Coast had a history of generous verdicts in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Hal Ladd had advised Cohen that he could see a multi-million-dollar verdict against Aricia and the insurance companies for what was done to Patrick. Cohen, from California, certainly understood this. The company was quite anxious to settle and leave town. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "All litigation is dismissed," Cohen said. "And we pay a half a million?" "That's it." "We'll do it." Sandy reached into a file and removed some papers. "I have a proposed settlement agreement, which I'll leave with you." He handed copies to them, and left them. Thirty-five PSYCHIATRIST was a friend of Dr. JL Hayani's. Patrick's second session with him lasted for two hours and was as unproductive as the first. It would be the last. Patrick asked to be excused, and returned to his room in time for dinner. He ignored most of it as he watched the evening news. His name was not mentioned. He paced the floor and spoke to his guards. Sandy had called throughout the afternoon with updates, but he wanted to see documents. He watched "Jeopardy" and tried to read a thick paperback. It was almost eight when he heard Sandy speak to the guards and ask how the prisoner was doing. Sandy enjoyed referring to him as "the prisoner." Patrick met him at the door. His lawyer was exhausted, but smiling. "It's all done," he said as he handed Patrick a stack of paperwork. "What about the documents and tapes?" "We handed them over an hour ago. There must've been a dozen FBI agents swarming around. Jaynes told me they would work through the night." Patr...
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