Those are fbi agents he said to her pointing with his

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Unformatted text preview: t out of earshot. Karl knew nothing of the meeting under way at the hotel suite, and Patrick didn't tell him. Parrish was there, and before long he would tell His Honor. "What are people saying about me?" Patrick asked after he finished a third of his sandwich and put it away. "The gossip has died down. Things are back to normal. Your friends are still your friends." "I'm writing letters to some of them. Would you deliver them?" "Of course I will." "Thanks." "I hear they caught your lady friend in Miami." "Yeah. But she'll be out soon. Just a small problem with her passport." Huskey took a large bite of his sandwich and chewed in silence. He was growing accustomed to the long quiet intervals in their dialogue. He struggled with what to say next. Patrick did not. "The fresh air is nice," he finally said. "Thanks." "You have a constitutional right to fresh air." "You ever been to Brazil?" "No." "You should go." "Like you, or with my family?" "No, no. Go visit sometime." "The beaches?" "No. Forget the beaches, and forget the cities. Go to the heart of the country, to the open spaces where the sky is clear and blue, the air is light, the land is beautiful, the people are gentle and uncomplicated. It's my home, Karl. I can't wait to go back there." "Might be a while." "Maybe, but I can wait. I'm not Patrick anymore, Karl. Patrick is dead. He was trapped and unhappy. He was fat and miserable and, thankfully, he went away. I'm Danilo now, Danilo Silva, a much happier person with a quiet life in another country. Danilo can wait." And with a beautiful woman and a large fortune, Karl wanted to say, but he let it pass. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "How does Danilo get back to Brazil?" Karl asked. "I'm still working on that." "Look, Patrick-I...
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