Trudy was silent j murray pulled out another report

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Unformatted text preview: il cell three miles from his home." Patrick's chin hit his chest and he pinched the bridge of his nose. Dr. Hayani touched his shoulder. "You can't let that happen to me, Doc," Patrick said, his eyes watery, his voice strained. "Don't worry, Patrick." "The thought of it horrifies me, Doc. I have nightmares about it." "You have my word, Patrick." "God knows I've been through enough." "I promise, Patrick." THE NEXT INTERROGATOR was a squirrely little man named Warren, who chain-smoked and viewed the world through thick, dark glasses. His eyes were invisible. His left hand worked the cigarette, his right one handled the pen, and nothing else moved, except his lips. He crouched behind his neat little piles of paper and shot questions to the other end, where Stephano fiddled with a paper clip and his lawyer fought with a laptop. "When did you form your consortium?" Warren asked. "After we lost his trail in New York, we pulled back and waited. We listened where we could listen. We covered old Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, tracks. Nothing happened. The trail quickly ran cold, and we settled in for the long run. I'd met with Benny Aricia, and he was willing to finance the search. Then I also met with people from Monarch-Sierra and Northern Case Mutual, and they gave their tentative approval. Northern Case Mutual had just forked over two point five million to the widow. They couldn't sue to get it back because there was no conclusive evidence he was still alive. They agreed to put up a half a million. Monarch-Sierra was more complicated because they had not paid, at that time. Their exposure was four million." "Monarch carried the law firm's malpractice insurance?" "Close. It was a separate crime rider, in addition to the customary Errors and Omissions policy. It protected the law firm from fraud and theft by its employees and partners. Sinc...
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