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Unformatted text preview: time. They reluctantly gave him a bonus of twenty-five thousand dollars. It was the trial in which Clovis Goodman was the star. Patrick picked at Sheetrock peeling in a corner. He examined a brown water spot on the ceiling. "Can't you get the county to paint this room. It hasn't changed a bit in four years." "I'm leaving in two months. Why should I care?" "Remember the Hoover trial? My first in your courtroom, and my finest hour as a trial lawyer." "Of course." Karl crossed his feet on his desk, his hands locked behind his head. Patrick told him the Clovis story. A FIRM RAP on the door interrupted the narrative near the end. Lunch had arrived, and it would not wait. A deputy walked in with a cardboard box, and the aroma floated from it. Patrick stood close by as it was unloaded on Karl's desk: gumbo and crab claws. "It's from Mahoney's," Karl said. "Bob sent it over. He said hello." Mary Mahoney's was more than a Friday afternoon watering hole for lawyers and judges. It was the oldest restaurant on the Coast, with delicious food and legendary gumbo. "Tell him I said hello too," Patrick said, reaching for a crab claw. "I want to eat there soon." At precisely noon, Karl turned on the small television mounted in the center of a set of bookshelves, and they watched without comment the frenzied coverage of the arrests. It was a mum bunch. No comments from anybody, certainly the lawyers, in fact their office doors were locked; Maurice Mast surprisingly had nothing to say; nothing from the FBI. Nothing of any substance, so the reporter did what she'd been trained to do. She lapsed into gossip and rumor, and that's where Patrick entered the piece. Unconfirmed sources told her that the arrests were part of an ever-widening investigation in the Lanigan matter, and to prove this she flashed up uncontroverted footage of Patrick entering the Biloxi courthouse for his appearance. An earnest colleague app...
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