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Unformatted text preview: spect of a reward popped up. They offered to sell their information, and Stephano agreed to pay fifty thousand dollars if it led to Patrick. In the course of these meetings, they learned that Stephano had good reason to believe Patrick was in Brazil. This, of course, terrified Patrick and me." "This was Patrick's first hint that they knew he was in Brazil?" "Absolutely. He had been there for over two years. When he told me the truth about his past, he had no idea if his pursuers were on the right continent. To learn they were in Brazil was devastating." "Why didn't he run again?" "Lots of reasons. He thought about it. We talked about it forever. I was willing to leave with him. But in the end, he was convinced he could disappear even farther into the country. He knew it well-the language, the people, the endless places to hide. Plus, he didn't want me to leave my home. I guess we should've run to China or some place." "Maybe you couldn't run." "Maybe. I kept in touch with the Pluto Group. They were hired to monitor the' Stephano investigation as best they could. They contacted his client, Mr. Benny Aricia, with the same story about possible information. They also contacted the insurance companies. All calls were referred to Jack Stephano. I flew in every three or four months, always from some place in Europe, and they would tell me what they had discovered." "How did Stephano find him?" "I can't tell you that story now. Patrick will have to do it." Another black hole, and a rather significant one. Sandy placed his coffee on the floor and tried to sort things out. It would certainly be easier if these two would tell him everything. Start at the beginning, bring it forward to the present, so that he, the lawyer, could help them with their immediate future. Perhaps they didn't need any help. So Patrick knew how he'd been found. She handed him the thick folder from the table. "These are the people who ha...
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