With the benefit of hindsight though it was easy to

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Unformatted text preview: Murray said. He reached into a drawer, pulled out a cheap cigar and tossed it to Lance. "It's a girl," he said, and laughed loudly. Trudy fumed and Lance toyed with the cigar. When J. Murray finished humoring himself, she asked, "So where are Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html we?" "It's simple. You waive any right to his assets, whatever they may be, and he gives you the divorce, the kid, everything else you want." "What are his assets?" she asked. "His lawyer is not sure right now. We may never know. The man is headed for death row, and the cash might stay buried forever." "But I'm about to lose everything," she said. "Look at what he's done to me. I got two and a half million when he died, now the insurance company is ready to bankrupt me." "She deserves a helluva lot of money," Lance piped in on cue. "Can I sue him for mental distress, or fraud, or something like that?" she pleaded. "No. Look, it's very simple. You get the divorce and the kid, and Patrick keeps whatever money is out there. And everything is kept quiet. Otherwise, he'll leak all this to the press." J. Murray tapped the reports and the photos when he said this. "And you'll be humiliated. You've gone public with your dirty laundry; he's quite anxious to return the favor." "Where do I sign?" she said. J. MURRAY fixed them all a vodka, and before too long he was mixing another round. He finally brought up the subject of those silly rumors about Lance looking for a hit man. The denials came fast and furious, and J. Murray confessed that he really didn't believe the trash anyway. There were so many rumors racing up and down the Coast. Twenty-two THEY BEGAN TRACKING Sandy McDermott as he left New Orleans at 8 A.M. and worked his way through the traffic on Interstate 10. He was followed until the congestion thinned near Lake Pont-chartrain. They called...
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