Yeah i was at the cabin it was around eleven thirty i

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Unformatted text preview: eep breath, and left the road. It was scary as hell, Karl." Karl figured that at this point there was another body somewhere in the car, either dead or alive, but he wouldn't ask. At least not now. "I was only doing about thirty when I left the road, but thirty feels like ninety when you're airborne and trees are flying by. I was bouncing, snapping small trees. The windshield cracked. I was steering right and left, dodging as best I could, but a big pine tree caught the left front. The airbag exploded, and for a second I was knocked out. There was a tumbling sensation, then all was still. I opened my eyes, and felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. No blood. I was dangling somehow, and I realized that the Blazer had come to rest on its right side. I began crawling out. By the time I got out of the damned thing, I knew I was lucky. My shoulder wasn't broken, just jammed. I walked around the Blazer and was amazed at how well I had wrecked it. The roof had caved in just above my head. Another six inches and I'm not sure I could've gotten out." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "That seems incredibly risky. You could've been killed or badly injured. Why not simply push the car down the ravine?" "Wouldn't work. It had to look real, Karl. The ravine was not steep enough. This is flat country, remember." "Why not put a brick on the accelerator and jump out of the way?" "Bricks don't burn. If they'd found a brick in the car, maybe they would've been suspicious. I thought of everything, and I decided I could drive it into the trees and walk away. I had a seat belt, an airbag, a helmet." "Evel Knievel himself." The nurse brought the Diet Cokes, and wanted to chat for a moment. She finally left. "Where was I?" Patrick asked. "I think you were about to torch it." "Right. I listened for a moment. The left rear wheel was spinning, and that was the only sound. I couldn't see the highway, bu...
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