Yes and you could be implicated its your money lance

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Unformatted text preview: ut your friends." "I feel bad about that, Karl." "No you don't." "You're right, I don't." Patrick was relaxed, animated, into his story, grinning now. "You woke up with the sun. A new man in a new world. All your worries and problems left behind." "Most of them. It was terribly exciting, and also frightening. Sleep was difficult. I watched television until eight-thirty, saw nothing about my death, then showered, changed into fresh clothes-" "Wait. Where was the hair dye box and tubes?" "I threw them in a Dumpster somewhere in Washington County, Alabama. I called a cab, which in Mobile is not the easiest thing to do. The driver parked outside my room, and I left. No checkout. I left the dirt bike behind the motel and went to a mall which I knew opened at nine. I went to a department store and bought a navy jacket, some slacks, and a pair of loafers." "How did you pay for them?" "Cash." "You didn't have a credit card?" "Yes, I had a phony Visa I'd procured from a source in Miami. It was good for only a handful of charges, then it had to be discarded. I saved it for the rental car." "How much cash did you have?" "About twenty thousand." "Where did it come from?" "I'd been saving it for a while. I was making good money, though Trudy was doing her best to spend it faster than I could make it. I told the bookkeeper in the firm that I needed to reroute some money to keep it away from my wife. She said she did this all the time for the lawyers. It went to another account. I cashed it periodically, and stuffed it in a drawer. Satisfied?" "Yes. You had just bought a pair of loafers." "I went to another store and bought a white shirt and a tie. I changed in a mall rest room, and presto, I looked like any one of a million traveling salesmen. I bought some more clothes and accessories, put them in a new canvas bag, and called another cab. This o...
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