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Unformatted text preview: , then his bottom lip slowly departed from his top. Was this a joke? Sandy reached for some papers, a copy of the settlement agreement with Northern Case Mutual. He had already blacked out sensitive paragraphs, but there was plenty for J. Murray to read. "You're kidding," he mumbled as he took the agreement. He scanned past the blackened lines without the least bit of curiosity, and came to the heart of the matter, two paragraphs beautifully untouched by censors. He read clear and precise language which called for the immediate dismissal of the lawsuit against his client. He didn't care why it was happening. An impenetrable shroud of mystery surrounded Patrick, and he wasn't about to start asking questions. "What a pleasant surprise," he said. "I thought you'd like it." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "She keeps everything?" "Everything she has left." J. Murray read it again, slowly. "Can I keep this?" he asked. "No. It's confidential. But a motion to dismiss will be filed today, and I'll fax you a copy." "Thanks." "There's one other item," Sandy said. He handed J. Murray a copy of the Monarch-Sierra settlement, equally as censored. "Look on page four, third paragraph." J. Murray read the sentences establishing a trust to be funded to the tune of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, for the benefit of little Ashley Nicole Lanigan. Sandy McDermott would act as trustee. The money was to be used only for the health and education of the child, and any unused funds would be paid to the child upon her thirtieth birthday. "I don't know what to say." But he was already thinking of how this might play back in his office. Sandy waved him off as if it were nothing. "Anything else?" J. Murray asked with a bright smile. Any more goodies? "That's it. The divorce is settled. It's been a pleasure." They shook hands and J....
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