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Unformatted text preview: ephano blinked a couple of times, and things fell into place. Under the circumstances, handing over Lanigan was not a bad move. The feds had ways of making him talk. Faced with life in prison, Patrick just might snap his fingers and make the money appear. There would be enormous pressure from all angles to produce it. Later, Stephano would again ponder the incredible question of how anyone in the world knew he had captured Lanigan. "All right, here's the deal," Stephano said. "Give me forty-eight hours, I'll give you Lanigan. And you burn my warrant and drop the threats of future prosecution." "It's a deal." There was a moment of silence as both sides savored the victory. Jaynes said, "I need to know where to pick him up." "Send a plane to Asuncion." "Paraguay? What happened to Brazil?" "He has friends in Brazil." "Whatever." Jaynes whispered to an associate, who then left the house. "Is he in one piece?" he asked Stephano. "Yeah." "He'd better be. One bruise on his body, and I'll hound you to hell." "I need to make a phone call." Jaynes actually managed a grin. He scanned the walls and said, "It's your house." "Are my lines tapped?" "No." "You swear?" "I said no." "Excuse me." Stephano stepped into the kitchen, then to a utility room where he kept a hidden cell phone. He walked onto the rear patio where he stood in the wet grass by a gaslight. He called Guy. THE SCREAMING had stopped for the moment when the Brazilian guarding the van heard the phone ringing. It rested on its power unit in the front seat of the van, its antenna shooting fifteen feet beyond the roof. He answered it in English, then ran to get an American. Guy rushed from the cabin and grabbed it. "Is he talking?" Stephano asked. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "A littl...
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