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Unformatted text preview: nerated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "After Mobile, where did you go?" "Toronto." "Why Toronto?" "I had to go somewhere. It's a nice place." "Did you get new papers in Toronto?" "Yeah." "You became Danilo Silva in Toronto?" "Yeah." "Did you take another language course?" "Yeah." "Dropped some more weight?" "Yeah. Another thirty pounds." He kept his eyes closed and tried to ignore the pain, or at least live with it for the moment. The electrodes on his chest were smoldering and cutting deeper into his skin. "How long did you stay there?" "Three months." "So you left there around July of '92?" "Something like that." "And where did you go next?" "Portugal." "Why Portugal?" "Had to go somewhere. It's a nice place. Never been there." "How long were you there?" "Coupla months." "Then where?" "Sao Paulo." "Why Sao Paulo?" "Twenty million people. A wonderful place to hide." "How long did you stay there?" "A year." "Tell me what you did there." Patrick took a deep breath, then grimaced when he moved his ankles. He relaxed. "I got lost in the city. I hired a tutor and mastered the language. Lost a few more pounds. Moved from one small apartment to another." "What did you do with the money?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, A pause. A flinch of the muscles. Where was the wretched little chrome lever? Why couldn't they continue chatting about the chase and lay off the money? "What money?" he asked, with a passable effort at desperation. "Come on, Patrick. The ninety million dollars you stole from your law firm and its client." "I told you. You got the wrong guy." Guy suddenly yelled at the...
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