Grisham John The Last Juror

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Unformatted text preview: nal was what I was after. "No," I replied coolly. "It happened to be the only photo we had of Danny Padgitt at the moment. He happened to be the only person arrested for the crime. We ran it. I'd run it again." My haughtiness surprised me. I glanced at Harry Rex and saw one of his nasty grins. He was nodding. Go get 'em, boy. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "So in your opinion it was fair to run this photo?" "I don't think it was unfair." "Answer my question. In your opinion, was it fair?" "Yes, it was fair, and it was accurate." Wilbanks seemed to record this, then filed it away for future use. "Your report has a rather detailed description of the interior of the home of Rhoda Kassellaw. When did you inspect the home?" "I have not." "When did you enter the home?" "I have not." "You've never seen the interior of the house?" "That's correct." He flipped open the newspaper, scanned it for a moment, then said, "You report that the bedroom of Miss Kassellaw's two small children was down a short hallway, approximately fifteen feet from her bedroom door, and you estimate that their beds were about thirty feet from hers. How do you know this?" "I have a source." "A source. Has your source been in the house?" "Yes." "Is your source a police officer or a deputy?" "He will remain confidential." "How many confidential sources did you use for these stories?" "Several." From my journalism studies I vaguely remembered the case of a reporter who, in a similar situation, relied on sources and then refused to reveal their identity. This had somehow upset the Judge, who ordered the reporter to divulge his sources. When he refused again, the Judge held him in contempt and the cops hauled him away to jail where he spent many weeks hiding the identity of his informants. I couldn't remember the ending, but the reporter was even...
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