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Unformatted text preview: essible." "That's very coincidental," Sam said. We pondered that for a long time. I wasn't sure if it was plausible; I wasn't sure of anything. Then I had another thought: "Keep in mind, all twelve jurors voted guilty, and that was just after he made his threat." "I suppose," Miss Callie said, unconvinced. We were trying to make sense of something that was completely incomprehensible. "Anyway, I need to give this information to the Sheriff," I said. "We promised we'd never tell." "That was nine years ago, Mother," Sam said. "And no one could have predicted what's happening now." "It's especially important for Maxine Root," I said. "Don't you think some of the other jurors have come forward with this same information?" Sam said. "Maybe, but it was a long time ago. And I doubt if they kept notes." There was a commotion at the front door. Bobby, Leon, and Al had arrived. They had met in St. Louis, then driven all night to Clanton. We had coffee around the kitchen table, and I filled them in on the most recent developments. Miss Callie suddenly sprang to life and was pondering meals and making a list of vegetables for Esau to pick. - --- Sheriff McNatt was out making the rounds, visiting each juror. I had to unload on someone, so I barged into Harry Rex's office and waited impatiently while he finished a deposition. When we were alone, I told him about Miss Callie's list and the division of the jurors. He'd been haggling with a room full of lawyers for the past two hours, so he was in a feisty mood. As usual, he had a different, far more cynical theory. "Those three were supposed to hang the jury on guilt," he said after a quick analysis. "They caved for some reason, probably thought they were doin' the right thing by keepin' him out of the gas chamber, but of course Padgitt ain't thinkin' that way. For nine years he's been pissed because his three stooges didn't hang the jury. He figures he'll get them first, then go af...
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