harry rex was sitting in the jury box with some

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Unformatted text preview: ." "What's been the reaction to the murder in Karaway?" "Shock and outrage. This is a peaceful county. Serious crimes are rare." "In your opinion, do folks over there generally believe Danny Padgitt raped and murdered Rhoda Kassellaw?" "Yes, especially after the way the newspaper has treated the story." I could feel stares from all directions, but I kept telling myself that we had done nothing wrong. People suspected Danny Padgitt because the rotten sonofabitch had committed the crimes. "In your opinion, can Mr. Padgitt receive a fair trial in Ford County?" "No." "Upon what do you base this opinion?" "He's already been tried and convicted by the newspaper." "Do you think your opinion is shared by most of your friends and neighbors over in Karaway?" "I do." "Thank you." Mr. Ernie Gaddis was on his feet, holding a legal pad as if it were a weapon. "Say you're in the furniture business, Mr. Pickard?" "Yes, that's correct." "You buy lumber locally?" "We do." "From whom?" Pickard readjusted his weight and pondered the question. "Gates Brothers, Henderson, Tiffee, Voyles and Sons, maybe one or two others." Baggy whispered, "Padgitt owns Voyles." "You buy any lumber from the Padgitts?" Gaddis asked. "No sir." "Now or at any time in the past?" "No sir." Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "Any of these lumberyards owned by the Padgitts?" "Not to my knowledge." The truth was that no one really knew what the Padgitts owned. For decades they'd had their tentacles in so many businesses, legitimate or otherwise. Mr. Pickard may not have been well known in Clanton, but, at that moment, he was suspected of having some relationship with the Padgitts. Why would he voluntarily testify on Danny's behalf? Gaddis shifted gears. "Now, you said that the bloody photograph had much to do with...
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