loopus asked no he does not hes only twenty four lets

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Unformatted text preview: Island to serve a warrant, and though they survived, they were unsuccessful. Gerald Padgitt either fled the country or secluded himself somewhere on the island. "Wherever he is," Childers said, "he's never been arrested, never been found." "You ever hear of Gerald Padgitt?" I whispered to Baggy. "Nope." "If this defendant is released on bail, Your Honor, we'll never see him again. It's that simple." Childers sat down. "Mr. Wilbanks," His Honor said. Lucien stood slowly and waved a hand at Childers. "As usual, the prosecutor is confused," he began pleasantly. "Gerald Padgitt is not charged with these crimes. I don't represent him and really don't give a damn what happened to him." "Watch your language," Loopus said. "He's not on trial here. This is about Danny Padgitt, a young man with no criminal record whatsoever." "Does your client own real estate in this county?" Loopus asked. "No, he does not. He's only twenty-four." "Let's get to the bottom line, Mr. Wilbanks. I know his family owns considerable acreage. The only way I'll grant bail is if it's all pledged to secure his appearance for trial." "That's outrageous," Lucien growled. "So are his alleged crimes." Lucien flung his legal pad onto the table. "Give me a minute to consult with the family." This caused quite a stir among the Padgitts. They huddled behind the defense table with Wilbanks and there was disagreement from the very start. It was almost funny watching these very wealthy crooks shake their heads and get mad at each other. Family fights are quick and bitter, especially when money is at stake, and every Padgitt present seemed to have a different opinion about which course to take. One could only imagine what it was like when they were dividing their loot. Lucien sensed that an agreement was unlikely, and to avoid embarrassment he turned and addressed...
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