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Unformatted text preview: he became visibly upset. A good sign. Evidently Judge Loopus was concerned about a bad verdict as well. He ruled against the defense, and a thoroughly bewildered Malcolm Vince was called into the packed courtroom to testify. Ernie had spent less than ten minutes with him in a back room, so he was as unprepared as he was confused. Ernie started slow, with the basics--name, address, employment, recent family history. Malcolm somewhat reluctantly admitted being married to Lydia and shared her desire to escape from the union. He said he had seen neither his wife nor his child in about a month. His recent employment history was spotty at best, but he tried to send her $50 a week to support the child. He knew she was unemployed but living in a nice apartment. "You're not paying for her apartment?" Ernie asked with great suspicion, glancing warily at the jury. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, "No sir, I am not." "Is her family paying for her apartment?" "Her family couldn't pay for one night in a motel," Malcolm said with no small amount of satisfaction. Once excused, Lydia had left the courtroom and was probably in the process of fleeing the country. Her act was complete, her performance over, her fee collected. She would never again set foot in Ford County. It's doubtful her presence would have inhibited Malcolm's testimony, but her absence gave him free rein to take all the cheap shots he wanted. "You're not close to her family?" Ernie asked, a throwaway question. "Most of them are in jail." "I see. She testified yesterday that a couple of months ago she bought a 1968 Ford Mustang. Did you help her with this purchase?" "I did not." "Any idea how this unemployed woman could make this purchase?" Ernie asked, glancing at Danny Padgitt. "No." "Do you know if she's made any other unusual purchases lately?" Malcolm looked at the jury, saw some friendly faces, and said, "Yeah, she bought a new color television for herself and a new motorcycle for her brother.&...
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