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Unformatted text preview: inside. Between bursts of gunfire, the chatter was fast and nervous. When the shooting started, we gawked at one another. Each one of us was thinking, "How long will this go on?" I huddled with the Ruffin family. Miss Callie had fainted when the first shot jolted the courtroom. Max and Bobby were clutching her, anxious to get her home. - --- After holding the town hostage for an hour, the sniper ran out of ammunition. He saved the last bullet for himself, and when he pulled the trigger he fell hard on the small passage door in the floor of the cupola. Sheriff McNatt waited a few minutes, then managed to shove the door up and open. The body of Hank Hooten was naked again. And as dead as fresh roadkill. A deputy ran down the stairs and yelled, "It's over! He's dead! It's Hank Hooten!" The bewildered expressions were almost amusing. Hank Hooten? Everyone said the name but no words came out. Hank Hooten? "That lawyer who went crazy." "I thought he got sent away." "Isn't he in Whitfield?" "Thought he was dead." "Who's Hank Hooten?" Carlota asked me, but I was too confused to give an answer. We spilled outside under the shade trees and lingered for a while, not certain whether we should stay in case there was another incredible event, or go home and try to comprehend the one we'd just lived through. The Ruffin clan left quickly; Miss Callie was not feeling well. Eventually, an ambulance carrying Danny Padgitt pulled away from the courthouse and left in no hurry whatsoever. The removal of Hank Hooten was a bit more demanding, but with time they wrestled down Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html his corpse, then rolled it out of the courthouse on a gurney, covered from head to toe with a white sheet. I walked to my office, where Margaret and Wiley were sipping fresh coffee and waiting for me. We were too stunned to engage in intelligent conversation. The entire town was muted. I eventually made some...
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