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Unformatted text preview: ccepted the reality that I would not find a bride in Ford County. All the good ones were snatched up by their twentieth birthday, and I was too old to compete at that level. I dated all the young divorcees, most of whom were quick to hop in the sack and wake up in my fine home, and dream about spending all the money I was rumored to be making. The only one I really liked, and dated off and on for a year, was saddled with three small children. But it's funny what a million bucks will do to you. Once it was in play, it was never far from my thoughts. The job became more tedious. I grew to resent the ridiculous obituaries and the endless pressure of the deadlines. I told myself at least once a day that I no longer had to hustle the street selling ads. I could quit the editorials. No more nasty letters to the editor. A week later, I told Gary McGrew that theTimes was not for sale. He said his client had decided to buy three papers by the end of the year, so I had time to think about it. Remarkably, word of our discussions never leaked. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Chapter Thirty-Six On a Thursday afternoon in early May, I received a phone call from the attorney for the Parole Board. The next Padgitt hearing would take place the following Monday. "Convenient timing," I said. "Why's that?" he asked. "We publish every Wednesday, so I don't have time to run a story before the hearing." "We don't monitor your paper, Mr. Traynor," he said. "I don't believe that," I snapped. "What you believe is irrelevant. The Board has decided that you will not be permitted to attend the hearing. You violated our rules last time by reporting on what happened." "I'm banned?" "That's correct." "I'll be there anyway." I hung up and called Sheriff McNatt. He, too, had been notified of the hearing, but wasn't sure if he could attend. He was hot on the trail of a missing child (from Wisconsin), and it was obvious he had little interest in gettin...
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