why couldnt they parole him to say wyoming it seemed

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Unformatted text preview: page story and the editorial drew not a single letter from the public. Folks talked about the Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html release, but not for long and not very loudly. Baggy eased into my office late one morning a week after Padgitt's release, and closed the door, always a good sign. He'd picked up some gossip so juicy that it had to be delivered with the door shut. On a typical day I arrived for work around 11 A.M. And on a typical day he began hitting the sauce around noon, so we usually had about an hour to discuss stories and monitor rumors. He glanced around as if the walls were bugged, then said, "It cost the Padgitts a hundred grand to spring the boy." The amount did not shock me, nor did the bribe itself, but I was surprised that Baggy had dug up this information. "No," I said. This always spurred him to tell more. "That's what I'm tellin' you," he said smugly, his usual response when he had the scoop. "Who got the money?" "That's the good part. You won't believe it." "Who?" "You'll be shocked." "Who?" Slowly, he went through his extended ritual of lighting a cigarette. In the early years, I would hang in the air as he delayed whatever dramatic news he had picked up, but with experience I had learned that this only slowed down the story. So I resumed my scribbling. "It shouldn't come as a surprise, I guess," he said, puffing and pondering. "Didn't surprise me at all." "Are you gonna tell me or not?" "Theo." "Senator Morton?" "That's what I'm tellin' you." I was sufficiently shocked, and I had to give the impression of being so or the story would lose steam. "Theo?" I asked. "He's vice chairman of the Corrections Committee in the Senate. Been there forever, knows how to pull the strings. He wanted a hundred grand, the Padgitts wanted to pay it, they cut a deal, the...
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