wilbanks was gazing around the courtroom as he

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Unformatted text preview: the Court. "That's impossible, Your Honor," he announced. "The Padgitt land is owned by at least forty people, most of them absent from this courtroom. What the Court is requiring is arbitrary and overly burdensome." "I'll give you a few days to put it together," Loopus said, obviously enjoying the discomfort he was causing. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "No sir. It's just not fair. My client is entitled to a reasonable bail, same as any other defendant." "Then bail is denied until the preliminary hearing." "We waive the preliminary." "As you wish," Loopus said, taking notes. "And we request that the case be presented to the grand jury as soon as possible." "In due course, Mr. Wilbanks, same as all other cases." "Because we will move for a change of venue as soon as possible." Lucien said this boldly, as if an important proclamation was needed. "It's a bit early for that, don't you think?" Loopus said. "It will be impossible for my client to get a fair trial in this county." Wilbanks was gazing around the courtroom as he continued, almost ignoring the Judge, who, for the moment, seemed curious. "An effort is already under way to indict, try, and convict my client before he has the chance to defend himself, and I think the Court should intervene immediately with a gag order." Lucien Wilbanks was the only one who needed gagging. "Where are you going with this, Mr. Wilbanks?" Loopus asked. "Have you seen the local paper, Your Honor?" "Not lately." All eyes seemed to settle upon me, and once again my heart stopped dead still. Wilbanks glared at me as he continued. "Front page stories, bloody photographs, unnamed sources, enough half-truths and innuendos to convict any innocent man!" Baggy was inching away again, and I was very much alone. Lucien stomped across the court...
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