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you didnt follow her home from the state line that

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Unformatted text preview: He backed away from the podium and huddled with Hank Hooten, just a brief break to allow the jurors to fully absorb the blow. Finally, he said, "No further questions, Your Honor." - --- Lucien approached Malcolm Vince as if he were staring at a loaded gun. He picked around the edges for a few minutes. According to Baggy, a good trial lawyer never asks a question unless he knows the answer, especially with a witness as dangerous as Malcolm Vince. Lucien was a good lawyer, and he had no idea what Malcolm might blurt out. He admitted he had no affection for Lydia, that he couldn't wait to get through with the divorce, that the last few years with her had not been pleasant, and so on. Typical divorce chatter. He remembered hearing of the Kassellaw murder the next morning. He'd been out the night before and returned home very late. Lucien scored a very weak point by proving that Lydia was indeed alone that night, as she had testified. But it mattered little. The jurors and the rest of us were still struggling with the enormity of Lydia's sins. - --- After a long recess, Lucien rose slowly and addressed the Court. "Your Honor, the defense has no other witnesses. However, my client wishes to testify. I want it stated clearly in the record that he will testify against my advice." "Duly noted," Loopus said. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "A very stupid mistake. Unbelievable," Baggy whispered loud enough for half the courtroom to hear. Danny Padgitt jumped up and strutted to the witness stand. His attempt at smiling came across as nothing but a smirk. His attempt at confidence came across as cockiness. He was sworn to tell the truth, but no one expected to hear it. "Why do you insist on testifying?" was Lucien's first question, and the courtroom was still and silent. "Because I want these good people to hear what really happened," he answered, looking at the jurors. "...
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