2 million had been at the high end of the appraisal

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Unformatted text preview: r the opening. I charged them as much as possible; they never complained. On December 1, the Mayor, Senator Morton, and other dignitaries cut the ribbon. A rowdy mob burst through the doors and began shopping as if the hungry had found food. Traffic backed up on the highways leading into town. I refused to give it front page coverage. I buried a rather small story on page seven, and this angered the Mayor and Senator Morton and the other dignitaries. They expected their ribbon cutting to be front and center. The Christmas season was brutal for the downtown merchants. Three days after Christmas, the first casualty was reported when the old Western Auto store announced it was closing. It had occupied the same building for forty years, selling bicycles and appliances and televisions. Mr. Hollis Barr, the owner, told me that a certain Zenith color TV cost him $438, and he, after several price cuts, was trying to sell it for $510. The identical model was for sale at Bargain City for $399. The closing of Western Auto was, of course, front page news. It was followed in January by the closing of Swain's pharmacy next to the Tea Shoppe, and then Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html Maggie's Gifts, next door to Mr. Mitlo's haberdashery. I treated each closing as if it were a death, and my stories had the air of obituaries. I spent one afternoon with the Stukes twins in their hardware store. It was a wonderful old building, with dusty wooden floors, saggy shelves that held a million items, a wood-burning stove in the back where serious things got debated when business was slow. You couldn't find anything in the store, and you weren't supposed to. The routine was to ask one of the twins about "the little flat gizmo that screws into the washer at the tip of that rod thing that fits into the gadget that makes the toilet flush." One of the Stukes would disappear into the slightly organized piles of debris and emerge in a few minutes with whatever...
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