A change of venue is not only fair but mandatory the

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Unformatted text preview: oice but to say, "Yes." "Of course," Gaddis agreed. "And what about your wife? You mentioned her. She's a schoolteacher, right? She would be as open-minded as you, wouldn't she?" "I think so. Yes." "And what about those Rotarians over there in Karaway. Are they as fair as you?" "I suppose so." "And your employees, Mr. Pickard. Surely you hire honest, fair-minded people. They'd be able to ignore what they've read and heard and try this boy justly, wouldn't they?" "I suppose." "No further questions, Your Honor." Mr. Pickard hustled off the witness stand and hurried from the courtroom. Lucien Wilbanks stood and said, rather loudly, "Your Honor, the defense calls Mr. Willie Traynor." A brick to the nose could not have hit Mr. Willie Traynor with more force. I gasped for air and heard Baggy say, too loudly, "Oh shit." Harry Rex was sitting in the jury box with some other lawyers, taking in the festivities. As I wobbled to my feet, I looked at him desperately for help. He was rising too. "Your Honor," he said. "I represent Mr. Traynor, and this young man has not been notified that he would be a witness." Go Harry Rex! Do something! The Judge shrugged and said, "So? He's here. What's the difference?" There was not a trace of concern in his voice, and I knew I was nailed. "Preparation for one thing. A witness has a right to be prepped." "I believe he's the newspaper editor, is he not?" "He is." Lucien Wilbanks was walking toward the jury box as if he might take a swing at Harry Rex. He said, Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html "Your Honor, he's not a litigant, and he will not be a witness at trial. He wrote the stories. Let's hear from him." "It's an ambush, Judge," Harry Rex said. "Sit down, Mr. Vonner," His Honor said, and I took a sea...
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