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Unformatted text preview: fun of it. He didn't like President Nixon and said harsh things about his foreign policy, especially relations with China. The crowd listened but appeared to be a bit confused. Tryce McNatt was running for the second time. He began his remarks by saying, "I really don't give a damn about China." This was humorous but also stupid. Swearing in public, in the presence of ladies, would cost him many votes. Tryce was upset at the way criminals were being coddled by the system. He was opposed to any effort to build a new jail in Ford County—a waste of taxpayer money! He wanted harsh sentences and more prisons, even chain gangs and forced labor. I had heard nothing about a new jail. Because of the Kassellaw murder and the Hank Hooten rampage, violent crime was now out of control in Ford County, according to Tryce. We needed a new Sheriff, one who chased criminals, not befriended them. "Let's clean up the county!" was his refrain. The crowd was with him. T. R. Meredith was a thirty-year veteran of law enforcement. He was an awful speaker but he was related to half the county, according to Stan. Stan knew about such things; he was related to the other half. "Meredith'll win by a thousand votes in the runoff," he predicted. This caused quite an argument among the other guests. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.html Mackey Don went last. He had been the Sheriff since 1943, and wanted just one more term. "He's been saying that for twenty years," Stan said. Coley rambled on about his experience, his knowledge of the county and its people. When he finished, the applause was polite but certainly not encouraging. Two gentlemen were running for the office of tax collector, no doubt the least popular position in the county. As they spoke, the crowd drifted away again and headed for the ice cream and watermelons. I walked down to Harry Rex's office, where another party was in progress on the sidewalk. The speeches continued throughout the aft...
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